Kudat and the northern tip of Borneo – worlds most exotic locations


Kudat is a port town near the northern tip of Borneo. Beautiful and quiet, this is a wonderful place to get to grips with the authentic, cultural side of this stunning island. The northern tip had been relatively undiscovered until recent years, being a little more prominent now on the tourist map, but still overlooked by many during their Borneo holidays.

Kudat and the Northern Tip Quick Facts

Northern town: Kudat is a relaxed town complete with a quiet port situated at the very North of Borneo.
Get some culture: the area is home to the Rungus Tribe.
Marine life: the northern tip has beautiful, bright blue water which is great for snorkelling.
What’s in a name? Kudat actually takes its name from a type of scrub grass, ‘kudad’.


With the South China Sea to the west and the Sulu Sea to the right, as you would expect there are some fantastic beaches here in the north, including the reclusive Kelambu Beach. The dramatic headlands at the very tip are located at the very end of the Kudat Peninsula. Called Tanjung Simpang Mengayau, meaning ‘lingering junction’ this is where the South China and Sulu seas meet, a beautiful place to be at sunset, especially if you stroll right toward the rocky outcrops, a relaxed and easy walk. You will also see the embossed brass plate laid on the surface, with inscriptions noting that this is as far north and you can go.

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